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National Hotline
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According to related statistics show China's urban residents in the home ownership rate of 75% custom doors, far below the average level of developed countries in Europe and America 96%. The next five years of custom home door in this industry has entered a rapid development period, the industry will exceed 26% compound annual growth rate, the annual consumption of nearly 500 billion yuan of market space. Fu Yu of the regional market, the strict implementation of regional protection policies, to ensure maximum benefits franchisees!
Fu Yu was established in 2002 and since then small to now has two large modern manufacturing plants Awarded the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, [Chinese famous brand], [international quality, service, credit AAA level] [National Door Industry Top Ten Brands] [member unit of China's overall home league] honor!
Fu Yu door industry was established in 2002, after ten years of continuous innovation and R & D was, products covered by stainless steel doors, aluminum doors, blast doors, wooden doors and other household applications, to meet the different needs of customers! Class product development team; international advanced manufacturing equipment and scientific production management philosophy; strict implementation of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system; for the production of high-quality products to provide a strong guarantee full!
Home door leading brand Fu Yu doors, leading industry marketing model first proposed turnkey! The company has established a strong terminal operations support team, decoration, opening promotional activity from the store planning, store operations guidance is able to provide professional solution! Senior marketing consultants, engineers, business for dealers, installers, maintenance personnel to do the most professional training; also established cooperative relations with the country's top marketing company, to terminal operators to provide professional training and guidance;
Fu Yu Jianli perfect pre - sale - service system, adhering to the "intentions," "sincere," "careful", "caring", "enthusiasm" of five heart service concept, a professional answering service personnel nationwide free service lines 400- 033-0969, as the national distributor to the customers. Truly personalized service, worry-free sale!
Stainless steel doors, blast doors of the flagship products include stainless steel doors, aluminum doors, blast doors, wooden doors and other household door applications, to become integrated whole home solutions for high-end brands door
Fu Yu joined the retail customers of products, we provide the kind of support a competitive policy.
Depending on the nature and store area joined to provide assistance to the franchisee partner store decoration.
National use unified brand image decoration full free support store design, so you can enjoy not bother SI image of national unity.
360 degrees free sales training, design skills, terminal operations and management

O2O Big Data cloud marketing platform, shared a lot of client resources to help you easily get customer orders.
Country affiliation, during branding, outdoor advertising company to give some support costs.
Offer product manuals, color cards, engineering design, free uniforms and branding products.
Opening event planning, every year more than the national large-scale joint promotional activities in support of terminal sales!
Brand image/ 福裕品牌形象展示 更多>>
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National Hotline
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